About Us

Our Program and Mission

Our Mission Statement: 

Mid Florida Community Services, Inc. is a partner in which low-income people are supported in their efforts to become self-sufficient.

The Program:

School readiness and cognitive development services.

    • School readiness is measured by the skills set out of  five domains and their corresponding goals:

      • Language and Literacy
        • Increase their English Language communication skills.
      • Cognitive and General Knowledge
        • Demonstrate an increased knowledge of pre-academic skills.
        • Develop life skills and independence through everyday routines and interactions.
      • Approaches to Learning
        • Show curiosity, creativity and an eagerness to learn and experience new things.
      • Physical Development and Health
        • Demonstrate control of their large and small muscles.
        • Develop and practice healthy and safe habits.
      • Social and Emotional Development
        • Express and manage their feelings appropriately
        • Develop and maintain positive relationships

Frequent medical screening, immunizations and dental services.

    • Health screenings include:
      • Blood pressure
      • Dental Exam
      • Hearing& Vision
      • Height and Weight
      • Lead and Hemoglobin
      • Social and Emotional
    • Oral Health Services.
      • Hygiene:
        • Children are provided with their own toothbrushes and toothpaste for classroom use.
        • Children brush their teeth after eating.
    • Dental Exams and Treatment:
      • A dental exam is required for every child within 90 days of entering the program.
      • Head Start provides transportation as well as the medical professional to complete the exam.

Healthy nutritional assistance.

    • Head Start provides breakfast and lunch for each child.
    • All meals are served family- style, children are encouraged to serve themselves. Teachers sit with the children during mealtime. Family- style dining helps create an enjoyable meal time, while still being a part of the instructional day.

Referral services for a range of individual child and family needs.

    • Families make goals with Head Start staff and are given referrals to help them meet them.
    • Children are referred for health and development related issues (Speech, OT, PT, etc.)

An Opportunity for parents to participate in school decision making.

    • Parent/Family Engagement:
      • Male Involvement
      • Field Trips
      • Parent meetings
      • Home activities
    • Parent Committees
    • Policy Council:
      • A formal way for parents to be involved in the program planning and decision making process.
      • Is made up of parents and community members who want to support the Head Start Program.