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Head Start Success Story: Cheyanne

Cheyanne’s Rudnicki’s Head Start experience has come full circle! Recently she volunteered  through the Nursing Program at Daytona State College, helping the Mid Florida Community Services Head Start Health Team do hand washing trainings with Head Start children in the classroom.  She was also able to help complete height and weight screenings. While volunteering she mentioned to a Head Start staff member that she was a former Head Start student and that her favorite childhood toy came from her Head Start teacher Ms. Natalie.  

Cheyanne’s Head Start began in the fall of 2001 at the Osteen Head Start Center. The special teddy bear came to her from a daily activity where each student was asked to pick an item from the classroom to talk about at circle time, and she chose a teddy bear.  She really loved the teddy bear and her teacher let her take the teddy bear home and keep it.  Another fond memory for her, was rest time, she always planned ahead and manage to get her nap mat next to the reading area so she could sneak books and read during rest time.

Cheyanne graduated from Pine Ridge High School in 2013, and is now enrolled as a Nursing student at Daytona State College; she is set to complete her Registered Nursing program in 2016 and will have her Bachelor Degree in Nursing in 2018. After completing her program at Daytona State College she plans to get a job working at a local hospital in pediatrics, while continuing on with her education to complete her BSN. 

Cheyanne really enjoys her time back in the Head Start Classroom and hopes to continue to volunteer with the Head Start Health Team!